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Help Us Spread the Word 

If you were inspired by the film, please help us spread the word. You can help us with any of the following ways:

Action 1: Organise a private screening for a small group

Click here to download the guidelines document.


Action 2: Help us organise a screening in an Educational Institution (College/School)

Click here to download the guidelines document.

Action 3: Share the following message with at least 5 people over WhatsApp

🌟 Join us for an extraordinary cinematic journey! 🌟

Experience *"Sri Aurobindo | A New Dawn"* the much-anticipated animation film presented by *Sri Aurobindo Society.*🙏🏻

🎬 Experience the hand-painted animation in all its glory by watching it on the big screen!

🔊 Plug in your finest stereo speakers or earphones for an immersive experience!

🤝 Share this captivating film with your loved ones.


🕒 It's 28 minutes of pure inspiration!


Your feedback means the world to us, so please take a moment to fill out the feedback form after watching. As a token of our appreciation, a special 🎁 awaits you upon submitting the feedback form.

For any queries, write to us at

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