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An animation film
on the forgotten chapter
of India’s re-awakening

 Available in English and हिंदी 

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heartfelt appreciations...


150th Birth Anniversary
of Sri Aurobindo!

History very seldom records the things that were decisive but took place behind the veil;
it records the show in front of the curtain.

- Sri Aurobindo

The youth of India know very little of Sri Aurobindo, his role in India’s renaissance and his work for its freedom as a first step towards a still greater freedom that awaits humanity. Sri Aurobindo is a visionary, yogi and rishi who is infinitely diverse in his work and expressions, but whose life was not on the surface for people to see.


This animation Film by Sri Aurobindo Society is our humble attempt towards reaching out to the youth with the story of
Sri Aurobindo, in a medium that they resonate with.


Studio Eeksaurus – India’s leading Animation Studio – has been entrusted with the making of this Film into a 2D hand drawn animation film. This type of art-based animation survives the test of time and borders on being a piece of timeless art that will inspire generations of youth to come. 


For the Core Team behind this Project, this is a labour of love. We invite you to actively share the news to help us in reaching out to all.

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