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The Film


The purpose of this film is to inspire and give a direction to the youth of India and the world through the story of Sri Aurobindo using a modern animation film medium as a work of timeless art.

​Film Duration

28 minutes

Project By 

The animation film is a project of Sri Aurobindo Society. 

The Core Team is composed of members from Sri Aurobindo Society and Auroville. The making of the film has been commissioned to a professional animation studio in Mumbai.


This Film is a special Project initiated by us for the occasion of the year 2022-2023 which is the 150th birth year of Sri Aurobindo and also the 75th year of Independence of India. The release date of the film is 15 August 2023.

Why Are We Making This Film?

This film is for the youth of India and the world who are searching for answers to the troubling questions of our time. Our technologies are evolving so fast, we are drowning in information and innovation without much wisdom. There are growing ecological, economic, social, psychological and existential crises but the masses have become entertained zombies lost in consumerism. Life doesn't gaze any more beyond the instant gratification of the impulses, desires and ambitions of the moment and short-lived social media virals amidst breaking relationships, loneliness and depressions. In this chaos, there is no inspiring vision of a future, other than new technologies, to guide the choices of our present reality. The thinkers of the world are unable to fathom the emerging complexity of the world and the direction in which it is heading.

Sri Aurobindo foresaw this human crisis more than a century ago when he was a revolutionary freedom fighter in India. In the battleground of India’s freedom, a powerful spiritual awakening process was also unfolding in him simultaneously. In that context, he saw that India's rebirth and freedom were only steps on the way. The emerging global system of civilisation was becoming too complex for its limited rational intelligence and blundering ego and its appetites to comprehend or manage. A radically new consciousness based on the oneness of all existence beyond the mind was necessary for the survival of the global civilisation. Rather, the crisis was a veiled process of the birthing of this new consciousness on earth which is an evolutionary challenge humanity is facing.


Sri Aurobindo saw that India holds a treasure trove of experiential wisdom in the field of spiritual evolution of consciousness gathered over thousands of years by the Rishis, Seers, Sages and Yogins of the past. He rediscovered and synthesised the profound riches of India’s spiritual inheritance and through his own radical spiritual transformation created a new pathway and process for the future evolution of humanity. He developed a life-affirming vision of the spiritual evolution going beyond mind integrating both Spirit and Matter, East and West, in an integral vision and transformational practice.

Content of the Film

This film traces the unfolding of Sri Aurobindo's vision and works in the context of his role in establishing the Will to freedom in India and his departure to Pondicherry where he will embark upon his global mission with his spiritual collaborator known as the Mother.

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